Windows can have a big impact on both the energy efficiency and appearance of your home. At IKON, we offer many styles of vinyl and aluminum impact-rated windows to choose from.

We also offer a lifetime workmanship guarantee on every window we install and pride ourselves on providing exceptional service to our customers.

Choosing the Right Window Material

Vinyl and aluminum are the two most popular materials for windows, and there are benefits and trade-offs for each. For most installations, we recommend vinyl double-pane impacted rated windows with Low-E glass.

vinyl windows

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows offer the best energy savings, allowing your air conditioning system to work less. While they are usually more affordable than aluminum windows, they generally result in a better property resale value. Vinyl is also paintable and will not rust, corrode or fade.

aluminum windows

Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows have a thinner frame, which may be more appealing to some homeowners. They also offer greater structural stability and are better suited for large windows. Aluminum windows are also better for noise reduction, making them ideal for busy streets.

Protection Against Storms

High-impact windows help protect your property from hurricane debris and also offer added security, making break-ins more difficult. As an added benefit, you also may qualify for savings on your insurance premiums, since impact windows decrease the risk of severe damage.

green energy

Save Big on Energy

We offer many energy efficient options to choose from, including windows with Low-E glass. This special glass is coated with metallic nanoparticles that help block heat from entering your home. They also help prevent fading of furniture, flooring and upholstery by reducing the amount of ultraviolet light that makes it through your windows. When combined with argon filled windows, homeowners can experience considerable energy savings.